Dental Implants

Dental Implant Coupon | Berkeley Dental Care | Berkeley ILGet dental implants at Berkeley Dental Care.  Dr. Omar Ghoneim and Dr. Payam Zarei place dental implants and restore them in their Berkeley dental office.  Placing and restoring implants are a natural addition to the dental services offered at Berkeley Dental Care.  Dr. Ghoneim  and Dr. Zarei have completed extensive training in implant placement and implant restoration.

Are dental implants safe?

Our dentists use digital x-ray imaging to guide the placement of dental implants. Implants have been used successfully by dentists for more than 30 years.

dental implant | Berkeley Dental Care | Berkeley ILHow do implants work?

The implant is a biocompatible material that acts as a strong foundation for replacement roots and crowns. Your bone will grow around the implant locking it into place.  Once the implant is secure, Dr. Ghoneim & Dr. Zarei will prepare your cosmetic functional crown to complete the procedure.

What are the benefits of dental implants at Berkeley Dental Care?

  • Improved smile
  • Restored chewing function
  • Enhanced facial profile
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Preserved bone structure


Dental implant | Berkeley Dental Care | Berkeley ILWhat is involved in getting a dental implant?

Step 1:  Place the dental implant.

Step 2:  After the area has healed, we will place the abutment.

Step 3:  We will fabricate and place your cosmetic crown.


How can I pay for my implants?

0% financing is available at Berkeley Dental Care, making your implants affordable!  We also offer a variety of other options for payment.

For those patients with dental insurance, we will contact your dental insurance company to help you maximize your insurance benefits as they relate to implant placement and your implant crown.

Berkeley Dental Care offers free implant consultations. Call us at 708-449-8683 to schedule an appointment.