What can cause a tooth to fracture? 

Well, there are several reasons a tooth will fracture. When a tooth factures, it generally means that to save the tooth, Dr Ghoneim will have to place a crown to keep the tooth from breaking further. Sometimes the tooth needs a tooth build-up, root canal and in other circumstances, the tooth cannot be saved.

If the tooth has a vertical fracture or if the tooth fractures at or below the gum line, the tooth may have to be extracted. The tooth could be replaced with a dental bridge or implant.

4 Reasons a tooth will fracture
1. Silver fillings. Silver fillings or amalgams are metal and they expand as they age. Silver fillings also expand when you eat hot foods or drink hot liquids and contract when you eat or drink cold foods and cold liquids. So, your filling may pull away from the tooth or expand within your tooth causing pressure.

2. Bruxism. Another common factor causing a tooth fracture is bruxism (grinding or clenching the teeth). Bruxing causes wear and excessive forces to the teeth eroding away enamel weakening the tooth. Wearing a night guard is a simple way to prevent tooth fracture due to grinding or clenching your teeth.

3. Delayed Treatment. If Dr Ghoneim has informed you that you need dental treatment because you have a cavity, schedule an appointment! Scheduling that dental treatment promptly will help prevent the cavity from spreading causing a larger, deeper cavity that can undermine more of the tooth leading to a fracture.

4. Dental Trauma. An impact due to a fall or sports injury can cause the tooth to chip or fracture. Wearing a custom made mouth guard while participating in any sporting event will protect your teeth from trauma.

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